Digital Aerolus, a spinoff of Caltech's Planetary Science Group, is introducing space-age technology to the drone market. Its software enables drones to work for first responders - and a variety of industrial applications - in powerful and unprecedented ways. Digital Aerolus' Folded Geometry Code (FGC), a flight control and operating system built on flight mathematics used in space navigation, frees drones from dependence on GPS or Wi-Fi connectivity. Drones can now operate smoothly even inside buildings and other spaces where signals are blocked. Furthermore, Digital Aerolus' SafeCatch feature means drones can be deployed and recovered by hand, safe from user injury or damage. And drones running Digital Aerolus' Behavioral Language & Environment (DABLE) exhibit Artificial Intelligence (AI) characteristics, performing behavioral-based activities on their own, without needing instrument-controlled instructions to direct their every move or action.



No GPS needed inside and out with Folded Geometry Flight Code


A simulation environment and DABLE (bahavior language platform)


Throw, catch and indoors safe made possible with SafeCatch


When seconds matter, instant deployment in the field

The DA Video Showcase

Tunneling Through: Drone View

An amazing view of Digital Aerolus' Defender 95 flying through a cave, showcasing its stability entirely without GPS or Wi-Fi. A fantastic demonstration of how easily the Defender 95 goes from outdoor to indoor flight.

First Responder Application Test

When you're the first officer on the scene, you can't know what you might be walking into. But with a drone that you can deploy from the safety of your patrol vehicle, you can survey the scene and gather the data to make good decisions.

DA's Indoor Obstacle Course

Typical drones cannot fly smoothly while indoors, due to their need for GPS signals to operate. Here Digital Aerolus demonstrates smooth flight inside our offices thanks to its Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC). Also, personnel can handle our drones without injury thanks to SafeCatch.

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Instant On &
Throw To Launch

The easiest usability for any drone to launch. Our drone can be "thrown" to power-up by the act of tossing it and begin flying with a menu of potential flight purpose

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Digital Aerolus Inc. Labs

The Digital Aerolus Labs created some amazing features that not only make our drones easy to use but also independently powerful. We use Tangle telemetry and Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC) to make indoor and outdoor flight seamless. Our DABLE team implements autonomous and behavioral gesturing flight. We've invested the time to create a drone that is safe to interact closely with humans.

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